As principal of a specialist airport property brokerage, Guy de la Porte was called in to handle the lease renegotiation for DCB Logistics‘ facility at 42 Aviation Crescent in Airport City.  This was a high-stakes negotiation, with the total lease value coming in at over R11 million for the new 5-year term.

The key to securing favourable lease terms was our in-depth rental valuation analysis.  By leveraging our proprietary database of comparable leasing transactions at the airport, we could provide an extremely accurate rental rate assessment.  This ensured the new lease was in line with current market conditions.

However, the negotiation involved much more than just the rental rate.  As part of the renewal, we had to obtain quotes and for refurbishing the existing building.  These quotes included the construction of a new driver’s accommodation apartment on the premises to meet DCB’s operational needs.

Ultimately, through careful valuation, negotiation strategy, and project management, we were able to renew DCB Logistics’ lease for another 5 years at favourable terms for both parties.  The tenant secured updated facilities tailored to their business, while the landlord locked in a long-term tenant at market rates.

This successful lease renegotiation exemplifies our firm’s expertise in the airport property market.  From rental valuations to build-outs and lease negotiations, we have the skills to maximize the potential of any airport property asset.  We originally secured DCB as a tenant in this space years ago, and we’re proud to continue that relationship through this renewal.