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airport property coronovirus

Airport Property has always been ahead of the technology curve. Our telephone system, CRM, property database, documents and client communication have been in the cloud for many years enabling us to work from anywhere where there is internet connectivity. Our team communicates seamlessly with each other in many ways, including mobile internal messaging linked to…

Is eCommerce driving demand for Warehousing Space in Cape Town?

is online shopping creating demand for warehouse space

South Africa, for reasons such as high internet connectivity costs and low numbers of online consumers, is far behind the international growth curve in eCommerce. Notwithstanding this, some local online retailers are experiencing growth of over 50% annually. It is widely used a rule of thumb that online retailers need three times the distribution centre space compared to brick-and-mortar retailers….

Landmark Sunpower Building Sold in Airport Industria

Sunpower Building Airport Industria

The ex Sunpower Building has been sold by Guy de la Porte of Airport Property and Avron Chernotsky of Avron Commercial Properties for R32 Milion. Airport Property is part of a network of trusted and experienced commercial and industrial property brokers who are niche operators in specific geographical areas. This network allows area specialist brokers…