We are pleased to announce that Guy de la Porte of Airport Property has successfully concluded a new lease agreement for the industrial property located at 29b Concorde Crescent in Airport City.

The premises, spanning an area of 283m², has been leased to KZT Agencies CC, trading as Safestop Cape.  They specialise in the distribution of engine management systems, catering to the automotive industry.

This strategic location in the heart of Airport City will provide Safestop Cape with excellent access to major transportation routes, facilitating efficient distribution of their products throughout the region.

Guy de la Porte, the leasing agent responsible for this transaction, expressed his enthusiasm for the deal, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Safestop Cape to this prime industrial property. Their expertise in engine management systems aligns perfectly with the area’s vibrant automotive sector.”

The lease agreement commenced on 1 April 2024, with Safestop Cape ready to continue providing top-notch service to their clientele.

Airport Property remains committed to securing ideal locations for businesses across various industries, contributing to the growth and development of the local economy.