RIC Publications

Airport Property has found ideal premises for RIC Publications at 25B Concorde Crescent, Airport City, Cape Town.

RIC publication’s property was sold to an owner-occupier.  The purchaser enlisted Guy de la Porte of Airport Property to assist with relocating RIC Publications. Although RIC Publications had a lease, they decided to rather move sooner as the purchaser of their property offered to assist with relocation costs. It is important to note that South African tenants have strong rights in terms of our Roman-Dutch law system where the term “Huur Gaat Voor Koop” (Lease goes before Sale) applies.

Fortunately, Guy managed to facilitate a lease with a unit next door which was almost exactly the same as the unit which  RIC Publications was leasing and which had been sold.  This is why it is always important to enlist the help of an area specialist who knows all the owners and tenants of the properties and keeps an up to date database of properties, spaces and lease expirys. Guy has been selling and leasing industrial properties in Cape Town for over 30 years and he has now rebranded to Airport Property and is the only broker dedicated 100% to Airport Industria with offices in the area.

Guy encourages potential clients who wish to rent or buy properties to contact him anything from three to eighteen months before they need to move so he can match them to properties before they come on the open market. The Airport Property website is a good place to keep updated on properties that are available, however, there are many properties that Guy sells or leases before they are ever known to the market. If you have any property needs in the Airport or surrounding industrial areas, contact Guy and he will start off by visiting you at your premises and conducting a comprehensive needs analysis. Thereafter Guy will see out the best options for you and will keep you updated until he finds you the right property. Guy will see you settle in (and make sure you get a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!) and will then keep in contact with you periodically during your lease, hoping to win your repeat business and referrals.

RIC Publications are a specialist supplier of teacher resources, you can read more about them here