Airport Industria has power supplied to it by Eskom. Due to coal shortages, Eskom is currently implementing load shedding.  The quickest way to see when  Airport Industria will be subject to load shedding power outages is to visit Eskom’s load shedding page here  by clicking on this link 

If you are an Eskom direct customer, just type in “Airport” in the search box (all Airport properties are on the same schedule) and you can see when your power will be down due to load shedding. Whilst load shedding is extremely disruptive to businesses, one has no choice but to try and work around it, unless you have a backup generator or UPS.

I think that Eskom’s current problems highlight the need for alternative power sources with their being a compelling business case for Solar PV now. Please read my post on earning income from your roof here

If you would like to know more about the Airport Industrial Property node, please read about it here