rooftop solar panel installation

Have you considered a solar panel installation on your rooftop? Many industrial and commercial property owners have an income producing asset that they are not utilising. This is their rooftop! If you own a rooftop, you can earn income from a Solar PV installation.  In South Africa, we have two variables, the first being abundant sunlight and the other, high electricity tariffs, which makes Solar Power a highly viable option. Solar PV is the cheapest electricity source available with safe and predictable inputs. So how do you actually benefit from a rooftop Solar panel installation?  There are three main scenarios :


Rooftop solar panel installations are seeing returns better than property or SA bonds.  They are a high income, low risk and reliable investment. As an investor, you can borrow up to 80% of the cost of the Solar PV solution and be cash positive in the first year of the investment.  Solar PV Solutions also increase the value of your property.


Solar PV reduces operating costs by beating Eskom or major municipalities electricity tariffs.  Businesses face high escalations in electricity tariffs relative to inflation and Solar PV is a viable way to cut business operating costs.  A Solar PV provider will provide you with a capital free solution by putting Solar Power on your roof space. This being without you investing any capital. They will sell you power at a cheaper rate than you are getting from Eskom or the municipality. The Solar PV provider invests in the technology and you save on the electricity tariff.


Your enter into a roof rental agreement with a Solar PV provider, where they lease your rooftop for a monthly rental with escalations turning your rooftop into an income generator.

Hybrid Solutions

This is where clients can utilise either the “Save” or “Earn” scenarios above and say a year later, they can purchase the installation when there is clear evidence and proof of returns.

Guy de la Porte links his clients to the top provider of Solar PV in South Africa. This results in his clients getting the best Solar PV solutions available. This company has extensive local and international experience in the renewable energy and broader energy sectors. This innovative company offers expertise in grid-tied and off-grid renewable energy systems. They have delivered the largest number of installed Solar PV commercial projects in South Africa. As a level 4 BEE contributor they ensure that their clients score maximum BEE points for all the capital free Solar PV solutions.  For large companies with multiple premises, a large scale planned rollout can be developed.  The supply chain leveraged savings of 10-25% can be passed back to the client. Their offering includes tailor-made monitoring solutions in real time. These systems optimise consumption so you can see exactly what you are saving or earning.

If you are interested in a Solar PV Solution please contact Guy de la Porte or fill in the contact form on this page, to arrange a no-obligation meeting which will result in a proposal, that will be presented to you in a clear and simple format, so you can make an informed decision on Solar and its viability relating to your business or property.