Property agents’ signs have become a major eyesore in the industrial areas in Cape Town.

In Airport Industria, we are trying to get all agents and landlords to follow a simple guideline regarding sign boarding on properties to let and for sale, as follows:

1.  Agents must have written permission to erect a sign board
2.  Only 1 sign per agent per street side of property
3.  Not more than 3 agents’ signs on a property at any time
4.  Let By signs must be removed within 1 month of the property being let

The above points are are in the property owners’ best interest, as sign pollution ultimately gives the false impression of an oversupply of property on the market and tenants feel they can negotiate lower rentals. More agents and their signs do not equate to more potential tenants. It is the opposite, a property littered with signs creates an impression that the landlord is desperate or there is something wrong with the property.