Airport Industrial Property Vacancies

Airport industria went through a period of high vacancy recently. These property vacancies have declined sharply from the last quarter of 2014. The Airport industrial areas of Airport City, Airport Industria and the Airport Precinct  have become increasing popular with all type of industrial property users. This is due to it’s central position, access to labour, public transport and freeways. The Airport CID has done an excellent job in cleaning up the area and  improving security.  Guy de la Porte, Airport Property specialist,  believes this trend will continue. If you are looking for a purpose built warehouse, factory or distribution centre close to Cape Town, the Airport is the only area that you will find a few large land platforms readily available for development. If you are looking for a factory or warehouse to let in the Airport you can expect to pay in the range of  R45 to R65 per m2 square metre with a few older buildings being on available in the late Thirties.