Bona Electrical Solutions

Guy de la Porte of Airport Property and Martin Kellman of Kellman Real Estate have leased warehouse and office premises at 1 Thor Circle, Viking Place, Epping to Bona Electronic Solutions.

Bona provides some of the most advanced intelligent transport solutions (ITS) to solve the traffic challenges of today. Bona Electronic solutions are part of the Basix Group are specialists in the integration of technologies and provide world class services to both government and the private sector in the fields of Security, Transportation, X-Ray Screening, Communication Infrastructures and Control Rooms.

Viking Place is a popular industrial area positioned opposite the Epping Market and forms part of Cape Town’s Central Industrial Areas.  Viking place is a newer area than Epping and with more modern buildings and a cleaner environment, it achieves higher rentals than Epping.  Viking Place  forms part of the Epping CID  and benefits from its network of security cameras.

Guy de la Porte continues to build relationships with large multi national industrial property users and partners with reputable property brokers where necessary to provide solutions that work for its clients.