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Guy de la Porte

Guy de la Porte started his career in Commercial & Industrial Property in 1987 at the age of 23. He has won numerous property awards and is one of Cape Town’s longest serving and most experienced industrial property brokers. With an established network of top…

Jaco Ellis

Jaco Ellis started his career in Commercial & Industrial Property in 2014, working with multiple clients. He has won various awards from the major listed property funds. Jaco is an energetic and highly pro-active broker who takes pride in finding the correct solution for every…

Lee Armstrong

Lee Armstrong started his career in Commercial & Industrial Property in 2017, working for the largest property services company in Africa where he built relationships with national industrial tenants and investors.  Lee is an enthusiastic, hardworking, pro-active broker who has excellent deal making skills. Lee…

Charlene Lawson

Charlene is our Office Manager and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Charlene comes with a wealth of experience, having worked abroad in prominent legal firms.