Airport Property negotiates the sale of a 5366m² vacant plot of land at King Air Industria

In a notable development at the growing industrial hub of King Air Industria, Airport Property, led by seasoned industrial property broker Guy de la Porte with 37 years of expertise, successfully concluded the sale of a vacant plot of land.

The plot, identified as Erf W1, spans 5366m² and was sold as a 99-year leasehold, by Guy de la Porte, who concluded the transaction on behalf of Airport Property.

The property has found a new owner in a private investor who has ambitious plans for development, adding another layer of dynamism to the thriving King Air Industria. However, respecting the confidentiality clauses embedded in the sale agreement, specific details such as the purchaser’s identity and the purchase price remain undisclosed.

This transaction underscores the commitment of Airport Property to facilitate meaningful connections in the industrial and commercial real estate sector. As the industrial landscape continues to evolve, the trust and collaboration of serious industrialists play a pivotal role in shaping these transactions.

For those navigating the industrial and commercial property market or seeking similar opportunities, Airport Property remains a reliable partner. Connect with Guy de la Porte to explore potential ventures and contribute to the ongoing growth of industrial landscapes.

In the dynamic realm of industrial real estate, opportunities abound, and Airport Property stands ready to guide clients towards successful and strategic investments.